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Update 1: (WaMeng China Ltd) is now planning to go bust and run away with user funds as they have now started processing withdrawals only once every 75 days! Wow, which legit financial company does that? That’s a huge red flag on its own. Previously, they processed withdrawals almost immediately after requesting it; it was later updated to once every month, then to once every 30 days and now to once every 75 days. These guys simply believe they are dealing with morons who can’t think for themselves.

Update 2: Seems like (WaMeng China Ltd) can no longer tolerate the huge number of negative comments coming their way especially as Trustpilot can no longer hold off the negative reviews. So, in an attempt to fight the increasing number of negative reviews users are writing about them on Trustpilot, they have now changed their name to a totally different brand called “WaMeng China Ltd.”. Why they did this is simple – to limit the number of negative reviews shown on Google or simply to save their brand from the hurting negative reviews.  

If you are searching for a trading opportunity then you might know about the company World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) but do you know whether it really works or it is just a scam.

So in this article, I will do the unbiased review of and also tell you about my experience with the company.

Before beginning with the review let me tell you that there are a lot of reviews of the company present on the internet, but most of them are the paid reviews, and some of them are part of their generous affiliate programs.

By reading the reviews about the company on other websites, you can easily find out they are fake reviews as they do not talk about the single fault of the company.

Every company has some cons, and has a lot of drawbacks. It is just no one is talking about it. So In this article, I will briefly tell you about the company double-sided image, and how they are doing a scam with their members.

About World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) – World Markets Review is a fraud

World Markets is a physical and online broker company founded in 2003. The company has a variety of products for professional investors and traders. Basically, it is a trading platform.

The company is based in Switzerland, but it has maintained an international presence. Moreover, the company registered offices are also present in Norway, Iceland, and China.

The World Markets is not a pure crypto exchange company. The company deals with various trading options. World Markets platform offers trading options in gold, silver, inter alia, and cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the company offer cryptocurrency trading by doing a partnership with another company BitMEX. So if you are trading cryptocurrency with the World Markets platform, then you are actually trading it with the BitMEX.

The company uses the advanced AI trading option to outdo human traders. The company claims that their tool has the ability to scan potential trades within minutes. I have revealed the scam of their AI tool below in this article.

The company also claims that they have the best trading researchers team. So you had no need to worry about their credibility. Moreover, to prove their credibility, they say they have won various awards. However, the reason for the company success is neither the company research team nor the company AI system.

The main reason for World Markets success is the paid reviews and the company affiliate program. Due to the company affiliate program, more and more people are referring others to World Markets.

Below I have discussed their AI management system in detail and explain how does it work and whether you need it or not.

WorldMarkets AI Managed Accounts

The company do heavy promotion of their AI trading system at the time of launch and even doing it till now. According to the company, their trading system can help any traders to achieve reliable performance in trading.

However, there is not any proof available for this. According to the company official website, their tool has won various awards.

In reality, whether you are a beginner trader or professional trader, their AI tool will not be helpful for you. You can easily find various other tools that are very helpful than this.

Moreover, the company don’t show their trades in the real-time, and for this, they gave a reason that this is because so you can’t copy their trades into other accounts.

If we can’t see their trades, then that means we cannot even verify whether they are actually taking the trade-in real-time or not. So from my experience, I am telling you that you had no need to join their ai bot system or we can also say their scam system. Company Background

The company was launched in 2003. At that time, the company operates as the precious metal dealer but later on the company started working as a digital trading platform.

The company claim that their platform is 100% transparent. Moreover, you do not need to have experience in trading if you want to use their platform.

However, this is not true. There is no transparency in the company platform, and you can know about it by reading this whole article, especially the conclusion section where I tell you about my experience with the company.

Furthermore, the company has collaborated with various top-notch companies like Crypto Group, Barclay Hedge and some others. You can get the information about it on their official website.

This is also one of the reasons why this scam company is still alive in the market. As they collaborate with big companies, people trust them and invest in them to grow their scam business. However, there is a scam in these collaborations too. I have discussed about it later in the article.

Let me tell you one more thing that the company is hiding various essential details, and one of them is the company Blue Trade. Blue Trades is the previously launched company by the World Markets. In case if you don’t know about Blue Trades then let me give you some information about it. and Scam

Blue Trade and the Blue Rate is a scam company who was disappeared from the market after taking the customer’s funds. I am a customer of both of the company and even the customer of World Markets.

When the company was launched, they do the heavy promotion of their service, but later on, they disappeared by taking the member fund.

Moreover, as I am the previous customer of their product, I know that they pay their affiliates and other partners from the same bank account.

Furthermore, with the launch of every new company, all the website structure and staff always remain the same. The company just do some little changes here and there. This is not only the case with their previous companies; they are using this same trick even with the WorldMarkets.

I don’t know how this scam company survives for more than 10 years even by getting a lot of warnings from the government and other regulatory bodies. I have discussed the government warning later on in this article.

BlueTrading Trust Pilot Reviews

If you are still not satisfied with what I am saying then go to Trustpilot official website and check the people reviews there about Blue Trade.

BlueTrading has a lousy rating of 1.7 stars on the Trustpilot website. Moreover, in the review section, people have fully exposed the company and warn people to not join the company.

bluetrading reviews comparison


Most of the reviews on the website suggest that people should stay away from this website and some other reviews suggest the way to getting back a refund from the company.

But actually, it is not possible to get a refund from the company not only from BlueTrading but also from WorldMarkets. I have discussed about it later in the article.

Furthermore, how can anyone trust a person who previously launched two big scam companies and now come with another one to get money off people?

Iiinvestments ( = Blue Trading ( = WorldMarkets (

Just like other real business plans that offer legitimate products/services in the real world, WorldMarkets also has an excellent business plan, just this time, it is a business plan dedicated to defraud/scam people. The “investing scam” business strategy is simple:

“Launch a fake, really convincing/professional website promising users 20% a month in trading profits after investing a set minimum amount, then disappear after 1 – 3 years of operation, wait for one year to digest the previous scammed funds or use this period to prepare to launch a new fraudulent investment website. Then launch another one afterwards. Rinse and Repeat.”

To be honest, I have noticed it’s worked for them really well and it’s amazing that no law enforcement agencies have been able to catch up with them so far probably because of the cunning way they hide their identities, real-world profiles, etc from the public.

I have carefully studied them over the years and even invested in and and right now, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that these are the same company doing the same fraud over and over again without any remorse whatsoever. I want you to come to the same conclusion as me so I would provide as much evidence as I can. You can compare the images below to see for yourself.  You may need to right-click and open the images in new tabs on your browser in order to see the images properly.

bluetrading account dashboard
bluetrading account dashboard account dashboard account dashboard
Compare the similarities between the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'then\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'now\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and see the striking resemblance between the two platforms each listing fake open/closed trades and some market charts.
Both Blue Trading and i2 Investments has previously suspended trading citing \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"devastating trade losses\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" or \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"uncontrollable drawdowns\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" which are merely excuses to run away with investor funds.
Read some Forex peace army user comments on the then i2 Investment platforms and see some of what the users are saying.
One of the reasons i said these are the smartest trading scammers i have ever seen. So blocked web archiving technologies like from accessing their site using robots.txt. On, they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve entirely removed the file and it currently shows 404 (not found) page.
How i2investments or looked like in the past.
All of these platforms are characterized by fake trades with no verifiable information whatsoever.


How Tackle Negative Reviews and Maintain almost only Positive Reviews On Google

Being a clever fraud company, I am not so surprised with the way they take negative reviews so seriously and then promote themselves aggressively using SEO methods, affiliate promotions and PPC advertising.

First, they start off with TrustPilot. If you check on their Trustpilot review page, you’d notice that they have almost zero negative reviews with tons of reviews that have been blanked out apparently for “breaching Trustpilot review guidelines”. Seriously? trust pilot trust pilot fabricated and manipulated reviews

So only the negative reviews breach the Trustpilot guidelines and not the positive ones? C’mmon…

They have tons of these kinds of blanked out reviews and sadly Trustpilot isn’t doing anything about it. So it’s either they’ve paid Trustpilot to hide the negative reviews and show only the positive ones or that Trustpilot generally doesn’t care.

Don’t believe me? Go write your negative experience about them on that Trustpilot page and see what happens next with your review.

When it comes to affiliate promotions and maintaining affiliate partnerships, these guys are the best out there.

They pay all their affiliates handsomely and in their thousands. For example, they can pay affiliates anything to take down a negative review. Typically, they offer €5000 and above for the website owner to take down the negative review on them and then lures them into promoting them.

Promoting them even gives the affiliate more opportunities to make more money with them as long as they have some decent traffic/followers on their web project. They normally share their supposedly “performance fees” 50-50 with their affiliates and then pay them anywhere from €1000 and above CPA per depositor.

That’s a huge huge offer for any affiliate to turn down and that’s why 95% of affiliates out there promote them or say positive stuff about them even though they may know obviously that is not a legitimate company.

And that’s the reason the first and second page of Google when you search for “World Markets Review” for example, returns almost zero negative results thereby giving the average investor or ‘naive user’ the impression that this must be an awesome and very profitable company without really knowing what’s going on behind the scenes.

As an example, this website: and many other types of websites like that had probably wanted to expose the dirty little secrets of this fraudulent company but they’ve probably paid them off and they ended up deleting both their content and their web properties.

Since they have millions in disposable income (stolen funds), they can afford to play with their brand promotion anyhow they like!

World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) Owner and Domain Information

WorldMarkets official website has no information about who is the owner of the company and who is running it. So you had no idea whom you are handing your hard-earned money.

Moreover, as it is not regulated by any significant regulator body so they can easily abuse the system and take your money away.

The company operates at the domain According to whois information, the domain is registered on 2003-11-03 and last updated on 2019-03-11. So the company claim that they are 13 years old might be valid though it is very easy to purchase aged domains and use it for fraudulent purposes. They can afford this since they recycle their scam tactics every 2 – 3 years and use money from previous scam campaign to launch a new scam operation.

In my opinion, it is not a good choice to invest in the company because when it comes to investing money, you must know who you are giving your money. If the company cannot even tell that who is the owner of the company and who runs it then how can anyone can trust the company.

World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) Education scam review also provides educational opportunities to everyone free of charge. They have various educational resources on their platform that any person can use for free to educate them.

Now, this thing might seem right to you but let me tell you that you will not become a millionaire overnight by studying that educational material.

I believe that the company education material is helpful, but it only gives you the theoretical knowledge. To acknowledge anything, you had to practice that thing and put your time and effort to become perfect in it.

The company provides you with the education materials so you can trust them. World Markets company knows that it is difficult for anyone to be an expert in trading and they take advantage of this thing. Their education opportunity is only a technique to get your trust. So you will invest your money in the company.

The World Markets is a smart company they are not using the ordinary Ponzi scheme to trick the people. They know that now people don’t quickly become a victim of MLM schemes. So they use a different way to trick the peoples. The company try to hide their scam under this ‘trading opportunity’. Customer Support and Regulations.

The company claims that their customer support is available 24 hours to help you. You can contact the company through phone or email when you have a query. Company response to the email within 1 to 2 hours but let me tell me these are just fake claims.

Almost all of the company claims that they have the best support team that will assist you, but it is not always true, especially in the case of World Markets and their previously launched companies.

The company doesn’t even care about user satisfaction. The only thing the company care about is how to get more and more money from people in their business.

Till now, the company has expanded its scam business to more than 40 countries, and they will continue to do so until people stop investing in their company by seeing the fake reviews on the web.

The company claims that they are regulated by financial watchdogs like FCA, CIMA, and CySEC. It is just for getting the trust of the people because, in reality, World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) is not regulated by any major regulatory body. So you have no security of your funds.

The company provides two-factor Authentication and military-grade encryption for their member accounts. All these things will only help you to protect your account form outsiders but what if the company is doing the scam. There is no information about what will happen with your fund if the company gets closed or bankrupt.

Now let me tell you about my experience with the company support. I think of contacting their customer support through a phone call and when I try to find out their phone number I got a long list of phone numbers. This is maybe because they have a worldwide presence.

However, when I start contacting on numbers most of the time the call was not picked up, and when it does, I don’t get the proper assistance. Finally, after calling on more than 6 numbers, the call was picked, and my query was answered. So my experience with the company support is not that much good. Fake Collaborations


world-markets-fake-collaboration-and-awards fake collaboration and awards

On the company official website, they have clearly defined that they have collaborated with various big brands like Crypto Group, BarcklayHedge and Some others. Moreover, the site also states that they are the winner of multiple awards like:

  • Best Bullion Exchange and Best AI Company of the year 2019 by Global Brands Magazine.
  • Awarded Best Managed Account and Best AI Company of 2019 at the 22nd China International Investments and Finance Expo.
  • World Forex Award for Best Trading Performance in 2019.
  • Best Managed Account and Best Gold Dealer in 2018.

I tell you what, simply go to and you can get any of the above award images, profiles and fake information designed for you for just $5. This is an easy tactic used by many fraudulent schemes to try and convince users that they are in fact legit.

However, when I conducted research on the above awards and contacted the mentioned organizations in their awards, they told me they had no relationship whatsoever with

So only naive/lazy investors will believe everything posted on the website.

On trustpilot review page, I also found someone who contacted the said “collaborated companies” and he says almost all collaborated companies say that they have never worked with the WorldMarkets. What other red flag is bigger than that? Trading View review

Every exchange has a different trading view. You had to find out yourself which one is best for you. Moreover, all the views have somethings common like they all show the order book or at least part of the order book, a price chart of the chosen crypto and order history.

Apart from this, there is a buy and sell button to take the trades. Before taking the trade, take a look at the trading view and then go for the trades.

Actually, I don’t see much problem with the company trading view. It is quite subtle. From my perspective, the trading view makes sense.

Moreover, you can see the diagrams in the middle, the history to the right, and the current order book to the left which give you a decent view.

Leveraged Trading

World Markets also offer leveraged trading by doing a partnership with BitMEX. When you do the trading on Bitcoin, you can get a maximum leveraged of 100X. No matter whether you are going for a long or short duration.

With the leverage trading, you can great return, but at the same time, if things do not go right, you can get massive losses. If your a newbie trader then there is a high risk of loss. Let me explain it to you with the help of an example.

Assume you have $10000 in your account and you make a bet of $100 on BTC. Now if the value of BTC increases by 10%, you will earn $10, but if you are taking a trade with 100x leveraged, then you will receive $1000. You will gain an additional $990 by making a trade with the leveraged of 100X.

But at the same time if the price gets down by 10%, then you will get a loss of $1000. So with the leveraged trading, there is potential for huge downside and upside. If you are a beginner in trading, then I will suggest you use this option carefully. Until you have full confidence that you can win the trades, do not use this feature.

World Markets Fees and Commissions

The trading fee structure of World Markets depends on the company’s fake AI system. Moreover, when it comes to crypto trading, the fee is actually charged by the BitMEX instead of WorldMarkets.

Every trade occurs between maker and taker on World Markets the fee is charged by BitMEX. Maker is the person whose order exists on the order book before the trade, whereas the taker is the person who places the order that matches the maker’s order.

BitMEX charges a low fee of 0.0075%. Furthermore, BitMEX actually pays you for placing the order. Let me explain it to you with the help of an example.

Suppose you make an order of $100000 then you will get $25 in the form of liquidity. I know this is not much, but still, they actually pay you for making orders.

Everything seems ok till now, but the problem comes when it comes to handling fees and commission by WorldMarkets.

The commission and fee of WorldMarkets depend on whether you have a standard account or gold premiere account. I have explained it in detail below:

Standard Account

If you have a standard account, then you need to pay a performance fee plus an annual management fee. According to the company, the performance fee is taken for the broker to ensure that the AI platform works well in the future.

For the performance fee, the company charges the 20% amount from the net profit that any member made with the standard account.

So if you made a profit of $10000, then the company will charge your $2000 as a performance which is quite high. Apart from this, you need to give the annual management fee.

The annual management fee is 1% of the total money you hold on WorldMarkets. If you have $10000 in your account, the company will charge an annual management fee of $100. 1% is not much, but in my opinion, there is no need for this.

Gold Premiere Account

According to the company if you are a seasonal trader, then you should choose the Gold Premier Account. However, to qualify for Gold Premier Account, you need to hold more than $250000 in your World Markets account.

$25000 is an enormous amount, and it quite risky to add this money into a company that doesn’t have a good reputation in the past. By this, you can clearly understand that the only thing company wants is your money.

Moreover, you will not get much benefit with Gold Premier Account only the performance fee was reduced from 20% to 10%. Actually, if you see, then you will be charged 50% less, but for that, you need to make a significant investment of $25000 in the company.

If you invest $25000 in the company, then the company will charge you the percentage fee of $2500. You can clearly see here that by doing this thing, the company will earn more profit.

The company uses this feature to trick the people, so people will invest more amount of money into Furthermore, with this account also you need to pay a yearly management fee of 1%. In this case, if you invest $25000, then the 1% management fee will be $250. Fund Depositworldmarkets fake trading company review

When anyone thinks of creating any trading account, the first thing they do is check the methods of depositing the money and so do I.

By seeing the company’s past performance and reviews, I have various concerns about the company. So I start researching to find out how many methods are available to deposit and withdraw funds.

So when I try creating an account on World Markets(WaMeng China Ltd), they send me a company bank account detail which just appears to be the fake same as the previously launched companies like Blue Trade.

All the bank details just appear to be the front of the company that has nothing to do with the or even with their industry. Due to all this, my doubts about the company just keeps increasing because they can probably disappear without giving any warnings.

Moreover, if anyone doesn’t want to deposit the money through wire transfer, then the company also has a feature to collect the payment through Bitcoin. However, bitcoin is also not traceable. So by seeing all this my concerned increase very much but still I added some money into as I also became a victim of fake reviews present on the web.

Moreover, the minimum amount to add on the wallet is $5000, which is pretty huge.

World Markets Withdrawal

Note: You can withdraw only once every 75 days now which is a very big red flag on its own and suggests that the time for this clever ponzi scheme to come to an end is very near. 

The withdrawal is another most essential thing that everyone cares the most. The company claims that they charge a few amounts of withdrawal fee, but the problem is not that.

The problem is with their withdrawal process. It is complicated to withdraw your money from, and I have experienced it myself. Moreover, if you check the genuine reviews of World Markets(WaMeng China Ltd), then you will find out that most of the people are complaining about it and saying that the World Markets is not a good company to trust.

Most of the reviews exposed that they are providing the fake bank account details and they can anytime run with their member’s money without giving any trace. In this case, all your money will be lost, and you cannot do anything to get your money back.

In my opinion, if you had invested your money in the World Markets, then withdraw your money before the company gets bankrupt.

If you are not able to withdraw your money, then you should try contacting the company customer support. However, as I already told you their customer support is not much good but if you try, then you can surely able to get in touch with them. If nothing works for you, then it is better to contact the government authorities before its too late.

World Markets(WaMeng China Ltd) Security and Fund Safety fraud company

As I have a doubt on the company, so I run a Mozilla observatory test on the company website. By doing this, the site gets the F grade in the analysis, which is not even considerable, especially for the website which is dealing with the trading system and people.

Moreover, what I can say about fund safety. As the company is not regulated by any major regulatory body, so there is no guarantee that your funds are safe in the company hands.

The company claims that the use the cutting edge software to protect their system from hackers and you can trust them with your money. The company might protect our accounts from outside hackers, but what if the company disappears after taking our money. There is no explanation about this anywhere on the web even not on the company website and those review websites that get paid to do the positive reviews of

New Zealand Government Warns World Markets(WaMeng China Ltd) Received Warning

If still you are not satisfied that is a scam and want to invest the money in the company then let me give you one more solid proof to show that it is a scam company.

The New Zealand Governments issued a warning against the (WaMeng China Ltd) website as the hallmarks of a scam. In the warning letter, the government stated that WorldMarkets is not a registered financial service provider. So they cannot provide any commercial service or product to New Zealand residents.

If in any case, the company violated this rule, then strict action will be taken against the company. You can see the proof below or click here to see the official warning issued by New Zealand.

Now I hope this warning might clear things for you as this warning is given by the government so there must be a big reason for it.

In my opinion, every country government should take strict steps against scam companies like These types of actions really help innocent people to save their money from these scammers.

Moreover, the government also discloses the bank accounts details that use, which is as follows:

First Bank Account Details

Account Name: Settleap Pty Ltd

Account Number: 036034 527884

Bank Name: Westpac Banking Corporation (Western Australia)

Second Bank Account Details

Account Name: FAD Berlin Consult UG

Account Number: DE49 1101 0100 2779 7302 12

Bank Name: SolarisBank AG (Germany)

Country Eligibility to Join

The company claims that you had no need to be an investor to join the company. Anyone can join the company unless they are the residents of the following countries.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Myanmar
  • Yemen
  • Russia
  • United States of America

If you are from any of the above countries, then you cannot join the  The company services are not available in the above countries, and the reason for this might be the strong policies of the country against scam. Especially the developed country like the United States has robust policies against scam companies. Also, you must know that most fraudulent schemes especially within the online trading sector like stocks, ETFs, forex, cryptocurrency find it very hard establishing their presence in the US because of their strict policies and most importantly, because they will get chased down by the SEC, FBI etc, if they attempt in anyway to run away with their citizen’s funds.

By this also you can get an idea that the company is must be doing something wrong. Otherwise, they must open the company branch in the above countries as the developed countries have enormous potential to grow any business. Trust Pilot Reviews

If you are into the trading business, then you must know about the Trust Pilot website. It is a genuine place to see reviews about a different company.

On trust pilot website, the company has an average rating of 3.4, which might seem reasonable to you, but the company mainly get positive reviews through unethical ways.

Otherwise, most of the people gave the zero-rating to the company and ruthlessly exposed the company scam. Moreover, most of the people suggest that no one should invest in companies as they are giving the fake bank account details to the members who are investing in them.

Furthermore, people also tell that they are the same company who previously launched scam companies like Blue Trade and blue rate.

Some people even rate the company in a sarcastic way one of the reviews says that “it is a good company to stay away from”.

Most of the reviews present on the website say that their withdrawal process is not good and as there is no major regulatory body which is regulating the company. So the company can be disappeared anytime without any trace, and all your money will be lost. user reviews
A lot of scammed investors complaining on Trustpilot.

If you are still thinking to invest in the company, then read all reviews by clicking here. These genuine reviews will definitely change your mind that you might make up by reading a lot of fake positive reviews.

Just a word of note that currently makes sure to hide as much negative reviews as possible about them from the web by whatever means necessary. So it is not surprising that they have succeeded in deceiving Trustpilot company into hiding most of the negative user reviews they receive.

My Experience with World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd)

As I already told you that I am a member of World Markets. So now I will tell you about my full experience with the company.

I am not only a member of the (WaMeng China Ltd), but I am also a member of their previously launched companies. I joined this company because, at that time, I don’t know it is the same company that previously started scam companies like

Actually, I also got trapped in the positive reviews of the company, and now I regret my decision of joining the company. Because after joining the company, I face various issues with the company customer support, AI trading system and with their withdrawal process and now that withdrawals happen only once every 75 days, i am not sure if i will be able to take my money out ever again.

How You Can Easily Identify World Markets is a Scam Company?

Well by this review you must get to know that World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) is a scam but if you want to find out yourself then consider yourself from the below point of view.

Suppose you have seen positive reviews about the company and now you want to invest in the company. So now you will get in touch with the company to create your account. At this time they will send you a bank account.

Try to get some information about the bank account. I am 100% sure by doing some research you can easily find out that it is just a fake account.

Moreover, the company has the option to add fund by using Bitcoin. Most of the scam companies take money in the form of bitcoins because they are not traceable. With these two things, you quickly know about the company scam.

But if it is not enough then let’s move one step further and do some research about the company trades. What you think if their bank accounts are not real will their trades will be genuine.

You can not see the company trades in the real-time. So you had no way to verify whether trades are actually taking place in real-time.  If the company just report the trades afterwards, they could very well be dotted.

Moreover, looking at their track record without any significant drawdown for months, it’s pretty hard to believe they do have a page that shows a history of trades. However, the history of trades does not live up to 20%.

By knowing that their bank account is fake, their trades are fake. You will start doubting about everything related to the company.

Moreover, by seeing all this, you might think of contacting the customer support, and when you do it, you will get to know that none of the company numbers is working and all they are doing is a scam.

Cons of

Usually, most of the good reviews talk about the pros and cons of the company and to earn affiliate commission they describe a lot of pros of the company but never tell about the dirty drawbacks which are described below.

  • No Demo is available. So if anyone wants to try their products, then they must invest in the company.
  • No major regulatory body regulates the company. So World Markets (WaMeng China Ltd) can easily abuse the system and go way without your hard-earned money without giving any trace.
  • Bad customer support
  • Deposit limit of $5000, which is quite a big amount.
  • They use the fake bank account.
  • NewZealand Government warns the company as a hallmark of a scam.
  • No information about the owner of the website is available on the company website.
  • The company AI Trading system is not up to the mark.
  • Previously launched scam companies like Blue Trade.

I can even tell you some pros of the website, but there is no benefit for it because the cons will overpower all the advantages.

Final Verdict On (WaMeng China Ltd)

This review should have surely showed you that WorldMarkets is a clever fraudlent company. The company is trying to hide their scam with the AI Trading opportunity, but by reading this article, you can quickly know that the company is doing a Scam operation.

When I joined the company and faced the problem, then I again start researching about the company. I begin my research with the company bank accounts, and by doing the few research, I found out that the company is using the fake bank accounts, and later on I found out that company also use bitcoin to accept payments because bitcoin payments are not traceable.

Moreover, when I continue my research, I further find out that even the New Zealand government has also warned the company. And many other government financial websites are beginning to follow suit.

But still, I continue my research to get more and more proof about the company scam. So I check the review about the company on Trust Pilot.

The reviews are shocking for me because everyone is complaining about the company faults and warning the people to stay away from the company.

By seeing all these reviews, I regret why I had not done all these research before joining the company. If I had seen all these reviews before joining the company, then I can save my $5000 that I invested in this company.

All i can say is that this is the same company is, and now as they have almost everything in common, from the way they answer emails to the way they process deposits/withdrawals. Their trading platforms are exactly the same and their fake awards were presented in similar styles and formats and everything else looks familiar.

If you haven’t deposited money in their website yet and came across this review first, it is better to hold on to your money or invest it elsewhere, then check back in 1 – 3 years time from the time of publication of this article to see if is still existing at that time.

I hope this review about helped you to be aware of their scam tactics.


You can ask me any questions in the comments.

62 replies on “ Review: World’s #1 Smartest Fraud Company”

Hi, I had the same experience, by the time I realized that it is most likely a scam and wanted to withdraw in Sep, they increased the withdrawal to 75 days, so now I am stuck and I think you are right in saying that they are going to exit. I think as they have a promo now to lure in more investors in Sep by offering them a gold bar, and they have restricted the withdrawals, so there is only money coming in now, and by the end of October they will be gone. Did you try to argue with them over the 75 days and convince them to pay you at all, cause I read some comments under this YouTube video that they could do it and could withdraw their entire balance. Here is the video: Can you contact me on


Yes, i tried but you’ll always get the same response: “Wait for the 75 days as it’s our policy”. By the way, the 75 days will allow them enough time to accumulate user funds with little or no need to process withdrawals, then will also allow them to plan their exit strategy properly.

Yes, but did you check the video? They say there they could withdraw somehow. I wonder what they threatened them with… These affiliates who keep advertising the company are pretty sick too, they know exactly what is coming, but still keep saying that all good and it is risk free. Have you tried to post a comment on Trustpilot? Luckily my negative comment is still on, I am ‘bittrader’, although WM tried to report it twice, Trustpilot put it back.


I am not surprised. They will almost always pay any affiliate when they request a withdrawal but not for any other regular investor. This is because the affiliate has got some sort of ‘power’ against them. The affiliate could stop promoting them and publish a negative review about them either on their website, social media profiles or Youtube channel.

The video you posted is exactly a prime example of that. They realized the guy on the video has some website/youtube channel and did a U-turn and processed his withdrawal after initially telling him they now process withdrawals every 75 days!

The guy is probably blinded by the affiliate commissions and big profits he is getting and I’m sure that’s why he is regretting withdrawing his entire account balance and then deciding to deposit again after some time – Ultimately, he’s probably deceiving many naive investors who read his website or watch his videos.

But in reality, would never actually pay any other regular investor the moment they request a withdrawal and unfortunately, many of those kinds of cases go unheard of.
Yeah, I can understand, it’s very difficult to get your review on their TrustPilot page when it’s negative.

I just posted on trust pilot. You are right!

Reluctantly I feel I am forced to bring my concerns to this public forum. I have been with WM since April and have deposited approx $25,000 USD to date and now have an account balance of approx $38,000 USD. And as you can see WM have delivered great results. I have made a couple of small withdrawals and have been very happy so far. On 15th September I requested a withdrawal of $20,000 USD for a medical procedure required. One of the consultants known to me via email responded indicating they had received my request and it was being processed. Later the same day I received the below response from another consultant not known to me.
Due to our recent changes on our withdrawal policy, we would need to adjust your request according to our new guidelines.

The maximum withdrawal for your account for the current period is $7500.

The recent policy change is only to protect the risk management system and ensure the account does not have problems trading / managing existing trades.

Please submit a new request if you wish to continue. Thank you and have a great day!

I found this unusual because as recently as 9 September I contacted WM enquiring if there were any limits on what I could withdraw and was told emphatically that there was NOT. I emailed back to WM pointing out what I had only just been told.

Since the 15 September I have emailed 3 times following up with no response. Which is very concerning as they have always been very responsive to my emails. I even tried called their trading desk which I believe is in Norway +47 800 25 079. But the very polite lady was unable to help me and suggested I also email payments AT Which I did on 16 September. I have yet to receive a reply.

I believe WM to be reputable operators and I am sure there is a legitimate reason for the delays in replying to my emails. Just hoping all can worked out ASAP as I am really starting to have some concerns.

Dude, don’t get your hopes high. If i were you, i’d try as much as possible to withdraw all my funds from their platform now… that’s assuming if it’s not already too late.

When you withdraw small amounts, they will almost always process it without issues but try larger amounts, they will surely come up with some excuse not to process your withdrawal request.

This is a pure Ponzi/HYIP scheme Mark. They have all the hallmarks of it. I feel sorry for you if you are still having some sort of hope in them and trusting they can deliver.

I know guys who deposited more than €300k and above in this crazy fraudulent platform. I wonder how they will feel when they lose all their investments.

I dropped my request to the $7500 they said was ok and then get this BS. I’m sure you are correct – money is gone.

Thank you for your submission.
Kindly note your withdrawal request has been logged and will be processed soon.
We are currently upgrading our Deposit & Withdrawal systems with SwiftXChange for real-time/automatic E-Wallet withdrawals and this may cause some mild delays. Have a great day!

Warm regards,
Heather LeMay

I saw others complaining about withdrawal limits, I wonder how they calculate how much you can withdraw, and most of all WHY, as they do not have it written anywhere that they would limit the amounts.
Guess that is their next step, to make it “official” on their bloody FAQs.
Please keep us posted if you receive a response, thanks.

Strangely enough the company has just changed its name on Trustpilot to WaMeng China Ltd., have a look:
Could that be because TrustPilot has informed me that they are in contact with the company regarding their reporting abuse? Basically loads of the negative comments are available again. I am suspecting its a way to make themselves less searchable.

Hi RBS, I withdrew last week as I wanted to take out 3100$ but had taken out 300$ to test it on 04 August. They allowed me to withdraw as I mentioned that they could not change the days and terms on the go. And their website still had the 30 day info. Thereby not allowing the customers to Akt accordingly. But they were nice and processed it fast after agreeing. I have had no
Trouble to withdraw.

I honestly doubt what you are saying, their website including the FAQs and also the section that pops up when clicking on withdrawal has been saying 75 or 45 days since 6th Sep. It could not have been last week when you could still see 30. The FAQs were already updated on the 1st Sep with the withdrawal section following on 6th.

No. I havent since September 2020.
They have been giving some excuses and in the end, they sent a letter last month (March 2021) regretting that they are not able to get any of my funds from 3rd party and that contact the 3rd party for the update!
This means, they have disappeared. I cannot contact them by telephone. phones looks ;like as if are disconnected.
I have lost my funds –hard earned retirement fund. CURSE BE UPON THEM!

SCAM !!!
I don’t think anyone has been able to withdraw anything in the last week at least, certainly not all the money you have put in. I reported them in every agency who deal with scams. You should do the same. Here are some of them: (I selected there “Something else”)
And now their whole website has disappeared… 🙂
Hopefully the agencies took them down, otherwise they are just changing the DNS name to reappear under different URL address. Or they have just disappeared with all the money already !!!
This is CLEAR SCAM !!!
I checked, everything on this website (above) is true…
I lost a lot of money…
They are not allowing me to withdraw. They had an excuse that they were upgrading their payments system (but that was a pure lie – upgrades don’t take weeks..)
Please DO NOT lose more money by paying money to other scams offering you recovering money from Worldmarkets. There will be a lot of these scams soon…
And say good bye to your money if you have invested with Worldmarkets. I am VERY angry !!! (mostly with me that I was so stupid…)

Yes, you are right Adam.
Did you find any hope after you submitted complaints to govt agencies.
Is it worth your time , now chasing with these agencies.
please let me know if you find any useful information/ tips.
I dont think we will be able to get our money back. Its all gone due to our own greed and mistake.

I’m aware of the issues of WM and hope my plans to be millionaire are not scrapped. I’m hoping their withdrawal policy change relates to either current drawdown protection as their open trades are currently hit by market downturn. They have placed some fast 1d profitable trades whilst drawdown occurring. I’d expect the market to turn if FED starts printing press, which they want to do, however may be delayed for 1% to fleece the masses.

WTF Tony? Pardon my bad words but are you freaking dreaming? Millionaire with Seems you haven’t done your homework properly. I just pity investors like you. WorldMarkets is not a legitimate investment platform. Don’t close your eyes to all the proofs and evidences.

Hey Tony! How can you tell from a one day-trade published overnight that it actually happened? They could be just posting a winning trade on whichever asset that moved a lot either way during the day, and they publish it to get the investors’ hopes up. Previous to September they indeed had longer trades, that you could verify as a profit or a loss but from the 8th Sep, these one-day trades started popping up.

Hi RBS, yes I am aware the 1d trades cannot be verified accurately, particularly as you don’t know what leverage is being used. Therefore WM could well be a scam, investing with them is a leap of faith. However I can’t see the trades any fund or ETF make. The investment with WM is high risk, but I’ve lost more money on normal stick trading in 2008 due to the supposed legitimate AAA rating agencies….you know the rest! My eyes are wide open to WM, however should they be actually legitimately reporting their trades (and neither me or anyone other than WM know this), I would become a millionaire over the years assuming there trading method it real and continues to be successful. Right now they did not predict the market turn on the presidential build up and 2nd wave which has damaged the currency > asset debasement. Post election / vaccines we may be booming again, along with Crypto. Cross fingers as that’s all you can do. I’m expecting WM to retain cash through the drawdown as required by their exchanges. Peace out.

I’m just trying to logically understand the reality of withholding peoples withdrawal requests and nothing more. And assuming the exchange issue is a cover for that, although if I was them I’d have just been honest. Let’s face it, account segregation is on there own systems, we all don’t have individual copy trades on the exchanges. My belief is all money is pooled from investors to make 1 x trade at the exchange. Therefore for people to cash out in a drawdown is difficult. This is just my logical conclusion / hope. As it stands I’ve not made any withdrawal from my investment this year and don’t intend to for some time. This adds risk to myself but life and investing is a risk.

Thanks for that. Yes, I have heard from their lawyers threatening me with lots of stuff and demanding that I take down this website and its contents. I replied to him that he’s wasting his time and that he should find a better, more legitimate firm to work for. I have much experience in dealing with these scams especially the / ones. I know exactly what they’d try to do, the extent they’d go to try and take down negative contents about them so I am prepared for them no matter what they do. I am determined to let the world know about what they actually do.

I can’t actually believe these guys. As recently as this morning I get a further BS response. Must be some naive punters still pumping money into this scam. They not ready to cut and run just yet!

“Thank you for your message.
We are using a new exchange that will be integrating a new automated system in the coming weeks. This is causing a small delay in some pending requests. Thank you!

Warm regards,

****** SCAM ALERT ******, YES !!! is a SCAM !!!
Watch my video with a lot of evidence and please share:
Thanks for this great website Raymond. It is featured in my video too.
Please support me. All the victims of this scam needs to hold together !!!

the facts are there, this company is not legitimate. find some info on them before 2019. And see if you can find anyone who bought any kind of buillion from them, not their affliates. its all complete BS.

a friend sucessfully withdrawl on 28 august. in deed all the info share is raising concern as i have invested too and only for 21 days

Agreed. This is likely a scam or ponzi scheme. I requested a withdrawal on Sept. 25th and still haven’t received my money. Just more excuses about system updates and integration with the SwiftExchange. Stay away from this outfit for now. Still hoping they will get their act together, but it’s not looking good.

In my WorldMarkets review I will take you through their website and explain why not everything is as it seems with this company. I ended up feeling very confused at best, but at worst they seem to be making bold claims about being regulated and having verified trading results which simply aren’t true. I tried numerous times to speak to them about this and they kept telling me to check the website, so this video is a summary of what I see when I DO check the website as instructed.

I invested 10K Euros and it grew to 14.9K after reading the issues and finding out about the withdrawal issues, I requested to withdraw everything.

I hope since I have never withdrawn there’s no stupid excuse from them to honour the request.

It is looking very dodgy now.

To Angry Lad, I was in the same place a month ago, same BS as everyone else. Their is no proof at all that Swiftxchange is even a real company of any kind other then the Facebook page that exchanges gift cards for bitcoin real legit. I’m come to terms that its gone and am trying everything to end this scam so more people don’t get hurt.

Sadly I asked for a withdraw on Oct 1st. Getting the same BS they can’t withdraw because of the 3rd party company. just says coming soon. So I looked into it more and the website used to do exchanges back awhile ago but it looks like the site died years ago. The other place you will find swiftxchange is on facebook from a guy in Nigeria… so that looks real legit… They did craft a pretty good scam and I will be looking for the next one to warn people. If others do find the next scam please post on this website. Thanks.

Raymond, you’re a legend for creating this website. One quesiton, and forgive me if it’s been addresses already… how did you identify that world markets opeates under the company WaMeng China Ltd?

Thanks heaps,

Go find Tim Armstrong Worldmarkets and his team from Worldmarkets and let them know how you feel about them scamming you. I’m sure they would love to hear from everyone. Lets shut this shit down!

I meant to add, find Tim Armstrong on Linkedin and the other people in Worldmarkets. I’m sure they are all fake profiles but I’m also sure someone looks at the messages.

Thanks for the great website and feedback on these bastards. I invested after they ran a banner ad on Coinmarket Cap, thinking the association was proof they were legit. I have contacted Coinmarket and will do the same with Binance who owns Coinmarket. They shouldnt be allowed to advertise scammer sites and may be able to leverage WM…
If you also saw that banner ad contact them and complain…

I have has the same issues as everybody else, I made a withdrawal request on the 9th October and have sent many emails (9 to be exact) and questioning some of the so called “partners” such as oKeX who I contacted directly and had a online chat with a representative who confirmed with management that they are not partnered with WM (I have the transcript of this chat) including others and with each response a different spin on the same lies.
I have called pretty much everyday for the past 3 weeks, sometimes able to speak to someone but have found the past week or so they not picking up as often and now I’m getting customer services who know nothing.
I have spoken to Mia Nel (who emailed me to confirm the conversation), a Dutch guy called Max and Emily Reid. They all have similar lies and keep on spinning the same thing but feeding enough info each time to leave you thinking there truly is something wrong and everything will be ok.
I have since given up calling, I suppose this is what they aim for. I have just on $100,000 that I am desperately trying to claim back and 4 affiliates with another $26,000 between them, I now feel responsible for their possible / inevitable loss.
I have filed a claim with IMFRRC, not sure if anything will transpire from this, has anyone else tried this route?

After attempting to recall my bank transfers, I’ve had a letter back from the bank advising “the funds have been blocked by the District Prosecutors Office in Koszalin, Poland.”

That pretty much confirms it.

I’ve also attempted a withdrawal, phoned
WM to see what’s happening, line went silent and I hung up. They phoned me back immediately from a Swiss number – sounded strongly Asian rather than European and said they were waiting on SwiftXchage blah blah blah.

FCA also now aware that they are working with HYCM – who are FCA regulated… see what happens….

I am also trying to retrive my funds from world market since september 28 but i got an e mail from them to say i may have my funds in a few weeks and i hope i will have my funds then.

I’ve also been scammed by these guys. They have just lame excuses to postpone the withdrawals.

This is the information of their bank account in Poland, where they did process one of my withdrawals that never arrived:

Nr Rachunku: 81 1600 1462 1894 8373 5000 0002
Nazwa Banku: BNPPL 1
41-506 CHORZÓW

So, they do have an established branch in Poland, probably the one scamming the customers in the EU.

Anyone from Poland has been scammed and would like to knock on their office doors?

A family member also invested in this scam AI trading, he got no access to withdraw, before the said 75days and got really hurt. He was scammed off over 52k which he was finally able to recoup within 2 weeks of hiring some private investigators on a platform called Forensic Pro, a simple search on google would find them. Worldmarkets agents are very cunning, stay away from this platform.

I am trying since September this year to get back my funds from World Markets and have e mailed them several times and i am getting nowhere with them.Without loosing more money in another scam has anyone out there any advice or signpost me in the right direction on how i can get back my funds from world markets.Many thanks Regards Tony.

Worldmarkets is a SCAM / exit SCAM
These are the facts, if you think, as I did, that this scam was going to someday work out….get ready for the reality! I have $61,000.00 “invested”personally.
I have 4 affiliates joined so farr for the so called “summer gold bar special” = total $26,000
Withdrawal request made by myself on the 9th October 2020, phone calls almost everyday / emails sent but getting generic responses, now nothing not even taking calls or responding to emails.
The same b*s response from a persons behind a phone who I don’t think have any idea of what this company is about, probably a shared call centre line with other scam companies, spewing the same b*s every time.
I have now contacted the following institutions, with very limited response or reaction:
– IFMRRC: to which I have made a compensation claim but still nothing, they are a supposed regulating organisation but I have not had any response yet after filling in a long list of information including wallet address’s etc.
– In contact with the FCA in the U.K. who where willing to take the call and pass the info on.
-Contacted a couple of specialist legal /crypto recovery companies, after much research (I’m not going to name any because that’s just a indication of scams), still awaiting a response.
– The names I have given out to the regulatory organisation’s such as the ACTION FRAUD LINE in the U.K and to the FCA is as follows:
(I have my doubts that any of the following are real persons? look them up yourselves)
*Samantha Lewis / Trading Desk +41435501724 / +4780025079
*Nathan Roth/Personal Success Manager +41435501724
*Matteo Keller / Payments team +41435501724
*Penny Wright / Payments Team +41435501724
* Heather LeMay / Trading Desk +4780025079
*Gurjeet / Trading Desk +4780025079
*Alice Marks / Trading Desk +4780025079
*Patricia / Payments Team +4780025079
*Nina Thompson / Payments Team +41435501724
* Chris Patterson / Trading Desk +41435501724
* Peter Noel / Payments Team +41435501724
*Mia Nel / Call Center

I am taking this further with legal action however I have a strong feeling this is too late….

World Markets is a scam company! Check out and get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the people behind this scam!

Also, join the Telegram group wminv to join a group of individuals that are pursuing these criminals.

Does anyone know of a safe way to try and get my funds back? No upfront payments but a legal route. I am not letting them get away with this and scamming more innocent people.

I also have been cheated by this fraudulent company. They claim that their bank has “operational issues”. It is not true, I have called the bank in Poland: mBank, which is working regularly. I was suspicious because WorldMarkets asked me to use as reference for the wire “Invoice payment n…” instead of trading account. I asked explanation and they were very vague.
Thank you Raymond for this website that unfortunately I did not see earlier.
All together we can and will shut this business down. Count on me for any initiative.

One of the guys in the photos on their website could be a Uriel Wittenberg with a wife called Shana Wittenberg – you can find them on Facebook and LInkedin

For more than 3 months now i have trying to get my funds returned from World Market.I am sending themI e mail every day a number of times.I have sent them hundreds of e mails and getting nowhere in getting my funds returned.Can anyone out there please give me any assistance in getting my funds returned from World Market please.I have of WM SCAM but cannot make contact with them as have read what they said but not able to make contact.It would be good if a number of us could set up some group and how many have joined World Markets in the last 3 years.Regards Tony.

Thanks to the owner of this site for getting the people together who have lost money. WM now seem to have disappeared and aren’t even updating their site so there is a very high probability that they have exited and wont be seen again

I think they are hoping that we will just accept our losses and put this down to poor judgement.

In fact now is when we should all pool our knowledge and collect evidence that the authorities can use to track them, prosecute and send them to jail for fraud.

Can I make a suggestion that you go one step further than you have done currently and modify this site or setup a new one to enable people who have been robbed to upload any information they have about this company and the people behind it.

Sub headings/tabs I thought could be used are:

1) Photos and lists of people that could be in the company, ability to upload photos and maybe somehow use facial recognition on their photos even if they are actors someone will know them
2) Addresses/phone numbers they could have used
3) Bank accounts /bitcoin they have used – they will have had to submit some form or id to open a bank account
4) Timeline from emails etc
5) Authorities/media that we can report them too and run a story about them. Bear in mind that all a country needs is a connection to a large fraud such as this perform extradition. Also to note is that an authority may only start an investigation if it gets enough reports and I believe there are a lot of people who have been defrauded.

Rather than paste links to their site as it will probably be gone soon, take screenshots of stuff and download the whole site for evidence

You should give people the option of submitting information anonymously as people may fear reprisals even though its probably unlikely to happen. You should also give people the option to upload information without it showing on the website as you’ll get more people uploading then and WM will wonder what’s behind the hidden uploads

If the company has more than a few people in it then, judging by how they treat us, there is a possibility that they have annoyed a previous employee/partner by robbing him too so an option for them to anonymously whistle blow would be good.

You have got good google rankings with this site so maybe get a domain name called and link to this site or something

I would do this myself but don’t have a clue where to start as not great on computers.

To end on a high note – Bernie Madoff got 150 years behind bars for his similar scheme, if we give these people 10-15 that would be a good payback in my opinion

Im guessing that is they read this post and see this website idea they may worry a little more than they did before

You would be a hero for us all – hope you can help

Quite a few negative reviews of WM in Trustpilot claiming that they have recovered their money with many different agents such as Forensic pro,, Webexploit Expert, Replewin Law Group, and many more. Is this like spam inside spam? Did any one tried any of those agents and had any luck? I’ve tried to contact few of them but only managed to talk to one and decided not to proceed as I found them bit suspicious. Or is it just me now after WM scam every other company look scam to me.

Has anyone actually been able to successfully retrieve their funds with a legal firms assistance? Has anyone been able to identify the directors or owners of this company to take direct action against them directly? I have invested a very large amount with WorldMarkets. My bank has been unable to reverse my transactions paid to them (accounts details given at the time of my deposits) as the accounts are either closed or has no funds to withdraw from. Surely someone somewhere knows who is behind these companies?

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