I Have Been a Scam Victim of Worldmarkets.com and Their Previous Fraudulent Companies. DO NOT FALL FOR THEM!.

Hi, I am an anonymous person (you can call me Raymond though) who wishes to expose all the dirty tactics used by worldmarkets.com to scam innocent clients year after year without any remorse. You can find out exactly how they do that in this detailed article. 

If you are already a customer of worldmarkets.com and are reading this blog right now, the best thing to do is to immediately withdraw all your money from their platform while they are still active and processing withdrawals. (Unfortunately, looks like they are now planning to go bust as a recent insider update revealed that they are now processing withdrawals only once every 75 days!) 

My mission for starting this website is to help as many people as possible from losing their hard-earned cash to worldmarkets.com before its too late. I will also make sure to follow up with any updates on any new scam companies they open and warn anyone who reads this blog about their moves.

Unfortunately, regardless of how much I try to warn people about this fraudulent company, some people will still end up losing thousands if not millions in this smart scam company. Personally, I know some people who have deposited hundreds of thousands and at the moment, it will be difficult getting all those funds out from their platform because they are getting close to their exit time.

I have dedicated my time to compose and put together all the writeups, evidence and files you see on this blog just to save you from losing to these scammers. If you are happy with this website and want to fund my mission and activities, kindly do so using bitcoin. My bitcoin address is 17kvvaotCF3uUyMinqk9rztUu7ncf8uGe1. In this way, worldmarkets would never know the person behind this blog and exposing their dirty and shameless scam tactics.

The reason i have chosen to become anonymous is that the last time i tried to expose them while revealing my true identity, i received all sorts of threats from worldmarkets and their previous companies including threat to life.

If you read all i have to say on this blog, i am sure you’ll be convinced you are dealing with a fraudulent company in the name of WorldMarkets. But if you are not convinced for whatever reason, then goodluck with whatever happens in the future.